24/7 Response

At Marc Security Services, we understand the importance of rapid response. When your need arises, a response is minute away. Marc Security are always ready to receive your instructions and dispatch a security officer to your location within minutes.

Marc security services understand emergency happen at times. You will need immediate response. At Marc security we always ready and prepare to dispatch qualify professional security officer to your location, it does not matter where, it is 24/7. We will never turn down a request or call. We are set up to handle any emergency response. Our 24/7 command center is equipped with the ability to provide staff response any time of day, patrol vehicle response, or setup security last minute. We operate 24/7 and understand that security needs are often unexpected. We handle 24/7 Alarm Responses, ATM Security Responses, and standing guards response anytime needed. Contact us anytime; someone will be more than happy to provide a solution.

Retail Alarm Response
Several retail locations utilize this service to ensure that they have a reliable security company able to respond to any alarm, at any of their locations, 24/7. The responding officer will approach with caution, examine the perimeter, check all doors and windows, and ensure there has been no tampering or vandalism. Some clients grant us access to their locations so that we may enter the premises and do an interior check as well. We are able to inspect and ensure that there has been no tampering with the site and the customer assets. Once the site has been secured, we reset the alarm and arm the location.
ATM Response

ATM mechanical problem is another good example of response. ATM sometimes experience technical problems; the company dispatches a tech to service it. The Machine need to be operable 24/7. An armed security guard assistant is need because the machine consists of large amount of cash. An officer stand by the side of the tech to make sure everything is safe. The tech will be exposed to public space with large amount of cash with an open machine. This is an urgent need as these machines need to be operable 24/7. T Within 60 minutes an armed Marc Security officer will be wherever the technician is and be able to secure a soft perimeter for the technician to work. This process is handled delicately with highly experienced individuals.

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